ASN Report 2022

qualification of a large number of its staff for performance of its inspections and, as applicable, judicial policing duties. ASN also carries out labour inspectorate duties in the nuclear power plants, pursuant to Article R. 8111‑11 of the Labour Code. For each of the inspectors concerned, the accreditation decision taken by ASN is based on the match between the skills acquired – both within and outside ASN – and those specified in the professional baseline requirements. As at 31 December 2022, ASN employed 329 nuclear safety or radiation protection inspectors holding at least one qualification, or nearly 64% of the 516 ASN staff. Training re-engineering work to adapt the modules following the Covid-19 pandemic, led to optimisation of the training time. Thus in 2022, nearly 2,600 days of training were provided for the ASN staff over a wide variety of topics, representing 107 training actions either face to face or by video-conference. These figures are supplemented by a large number of hours devoted to selftraining by each trainee. The training committee ensures that the training system matches the needs and strategic objectives set out in the Multi-year Strategic Plan. Social dialogue As a State administration, ASN has three social dialogue bodies: ∙ the Social Dialogue Committee (SDC); ∙ the Joint Consultative Commission (CCP); ∙ the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT). These three bodies allow wide-ranging and regular internal discussions on all subjects affecting the organisation, operations and the working environment of its personnel. During the course of 2022, the ASN SDC met four times, once in an extraordinary session, to cover various subjects (organisation and working of the departments, training, budget/finances, 2. Professional elections 2022: the professional elections to renew the personnel representative bodies were held at ASN electronically for the first time from Thursday 1 December to Thursday 8 December 2022. The 2022 vote was marked by the creation of a new social dialogue body, the CSAP. The level of participation in these elections was: 60.29% for the CCP vote and 54.92% for the CSAP vote. 3. The ASN CSAP is the result of a merger of the CTP and the CHSCT. ASN resolution 2022-DC-0722 of 2 June 2022 creating a CSAP for the ASN appeared in the ASN Official Bulletin on 13 June 2022. The ASN CSAP comprises eight regular members and eight alternates. As of January 2023, the CSAP is responsible for examining collective occupational questions at the level at which it is created: operation and organisation of the departments; strategic guidelines in human resources policies; management guidelines regarding mobility, promotion and career path enhancement; etc. As the ASN workforce exceeds 200, Specialist Health, Safety and Working Conditions Training (FSSCT) was set up within the CSAP. The eight regular specialist training representatives will be regular or alternates elected to the CSAP and the eight alternate representatives could be appointed from among the CSAP voting staff. professional elections(2), etc.). It issued opinions on texts presented by the administration (remote working agreement, single social report, draft decision creating a Social Dialogue Administration Committee – CSAP(3), etc.). For its part, the CHSCT met five times in 2022, including twice in extraordinary session. It focused on ensuring that occupational health and safety aspects were taken into account in ASN’s organisational and operational changes and in the performance of its duties. It issued opinions on the important relocation (Paris division) and premises redevelopment (head office) projects. As is the case every year, the CHSCT also issued opinions on the annual report on the general Occupational Health and Safety (SST) situation at ASN, the SST results at CEA and the radiation protection results. The CHSCT also carried out a visit to the Marseille division. In the same way as all the other entity visits at ASN, this visit was part of an overall goal to contribute to protecting the health of the staff and improving working conditions. Finally, in consultation with the members of the CHSCT and with the assistance of the network of prevention assistants, the administration continued its actions to improve the prevention of occupational risks linked to remote-working and Covid-19 and updated the consolidated Occupational Risks Assessment Document (DUERP). The CCP, which has competence for contract staff, met twice in 2022. The debates primarily concerned the situation of contract staff at ASN and the salary measures applicable to this population. Finally, the social dialogue process involved regular meetings between the personnel representatives throughout the year. These meetings covered the management of the health situation and the corresponding measures to be taken. From left to right: H. Vanlaer, J-P. Deneuvy, S. Forest, H. Brûlé, A. Beauval, J-P. Lestoille, O. Morzelle, L. Tapadinhas ( not in photo: A-A. Médard and E. Gay) THE REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES (AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2022) ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 131 • 02 • The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection and the regulation and oversight stakeholders 01 02 07 08 13 AP 04 10 06 12 14 03 09 05 11