ASN Report 2022

2.7.3 French National Cancer Institute Created in 2004, the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) is primarily responsible for coordinating activities in the fight against cancer. The Institute and its activities are presented on its website Regular discussions take place between INCa and ASN. 2.8 The safety regulators: an international comparison Table 2 describes the status and activities of the safety regulators. In terms of status, most of these regulatory authorities are Government or independent agencies. With regard to their activities, most of them regulate and oversee the complete spectrum of nuclear activities, including in terms of protection against malicious acts (except for France with regard to malicious acts). 3. Financing the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection Since 2000, all the personnel and operating resources involved in the performance of the responsibilities entrusted to ASN have been covered by the State’s general budget. In the 2022 Budget Act, the ASN budget (action 9 of programme 181 “Risk prevention”) amounted to €68.30 million in payment credits. It included €50.67 million for personnel expenses and €17.63 million in payment credits for operating credits for ASN head office departments and its 11 regional divisions, and intervention credits. The ASN’s budget is divided among five different public policy programmes: ∙ action 9 “Regulation and oversight of nuclear safety and radiation protection” of programme 181 “Risk prevention” covers the ASN workforce and personnel credits, as well as the operating, investment and intervention spending incurred for the performance of its duties; ∙ in addition, a certain number of operating costs (for the headquarters and the divisions) are incorporated into the support programmes of the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and industrial and digital Sovereignty (programme 218), of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Regional Cohesion (programme 217) and the General Secretariat of the Government (programme 354). ASN’s assets for these various programmes, in terms of both actions carried out for ASN and credits, cannot be identified with any accuracy owing to the overall, shared nature of these programmes; ∙ finally, pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 592‑14 of the Environment Code, “ASN is consulted by the Government regarding the share of the State subsidy to IRSN corresponding to the technical support mission performed by this Institute on behalf of ASN”. These ASN support credits are part of action 11 “Research in the field of risks” of programme 190 “Research in the fields of sustainable energy, development and mobility”. The total IRSN budget for 2022 amounted for its part to €288 million, of which €83.5 million were devoted to the provision of technical support for ASN. IRSN credits for providing ASN with technical support come in part (€41.8 million) from programme 190 (see below). The rest (€41.7 million) comes from a contribution paid by the nuclear licensees. This contribution was put into place by the budget amendment Act of 29 December 2010. In total, in 2022, the State’s budget for transparency and the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France amounted to €300.34 million. By way of comparison, the amount of taxes collected by ASN in 2022 amounted to €766.66 million: ∙ €559.77 million from BNI taxes (paid into the State’s general budget); ∙ €126.18 million from additional “support”, “disposal” and “research” taxes (allocated to various establishments, including Andra, municipalities and Public Interest Groupings (GIPs); ∙ €80.7 million from the special contribution for the management of radioactive waste (allocated to Andra). This complex funding structure is detrimental to the overall clarity of the cost of regulation. It moreover leads to difficulties in terms of budgetary preparation, arbitration and implementation. TABLE Breakdown of licensee contributions LICENSEE AMOUNT FOR 2022 (millions of euros) BNI TAX ADDITIONAL WASTE AND DISPOSAL TAXES SPECIAL ANDRA CONTRIBUTION CONTRIBUTION ON BEHALF OF IRSN EDF 530.60 96.67 63.00 47.48 Orano‑Framatome 18.00 6.20 4.00 5.42 CEA 4.51 18.34 13.70 7.08 Andra 5.41 3.30 - 0.40 Others 1.25 1.67 - 0.71 Total 559.77 126.18 80.70 61.09(*) * The amount allocated to IRSN is capped at €61.09 million. 3 140 ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 • 02 • The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection and the regulation and oversight stakeholders 02