ASN Report 2022

92 Other significant event concerning radiation protection 153 Concerning the general public 47 Concerning one or more workers 58 Loss, theft or discovery of radioactive sources or substances TOTAL 740 274 Concerning one or more patients (diagnostic purposes) 116 Concerning one or more patients (therapeutic purposes) GRAPH Events involving radiation protection (other than BNIs and TSR) reported in 2022 5 22 Regulation irradiation or contamination limits exceeded 13 Traceability anomaly (loss, delivery error, etc.) TOTAL 88 9 Hazard affecting the material, package or conveyance 29 Other non-compliance with the regulations 2 Other significant event 5 Recurrence of events constituting early warning signs 8 Deterioration of a containment barrier or a safety function GRAPH Events involving the transport of radioactive substances reported in 2022 6 17 Any significant deviation concerning radiological cleanness 6 Radiological monitoring device inspection interval exceeded 7 One quarter of the annual dose limit exceeded or event capable of leading to such a situation 17 Abnormal situation affecting a source with activity higher than the exemption thresholds 4 Activity with a radiological risk performed without risk assessment or ignoring the findings of the assessment TOTAL 189 29 Signage anomaly or failure to comply with zone access conditions 109 Other significant event which could affect radiation protection GRAPH Events involving radiation protection in BNIs reported in 2022 4 ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 159 • 03 • Regulation of nuclear activities and exposure to ionising radiation 01 03 07 08 13 AP 04 10 06 12 14 09 05 11 02