ASN Report 2022

ASN ASSESSMENTS ASN Assessments – PER LICENSEE – EDF The nuclear power plants in operation ASN considers that the quality of operations in the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) was maintained at a satisfactory level in 2022. However, improvements to the quality of operations in the underperforming NPPs are often proving to be a lengthy process. The year 2022 was marked by the prolonged outage of numerous reactors following the discovery of stress corrosionrelated cracks in the systems connected to the main lines of the primary system. ASN considers that the steps taken by EDF following this discovery were appropriate in terms of nuclear safety and that cutting sections of pipes to carry out expert assessments was essential for the definition of a pertinent inspection and treatment strategy. REACTOR IMPROVEMENTS AND CONTINUED OPERATION The modifications made to the facilities and operational methods by EDF within the framework of the reactor periodic safety reviews are significantly improving the safety of the facilities and enabling their level of safety to be brought closer in line with that of the third generation reactors. EDF is deploying considerable engineering resources for these reviews. For a number of years now, ASN has seen that the volume of studies and modifications required is leading to saturation of the engineering capacity. EDF therefore regularly has to postpone the transmission of certain studies to ASN. This situation also requires that EDF deploy a number of modifications within a very tight time-frame. EDF must ensure that this situation does not lead to these deployments being made in degraded conditions. ASN considers that all the provisions specified by EDF and those that it itself stipulates, open up the prospect of continued operation of the 900 Megawatts electric (MWe) reactors for the ten years following their fourth periodic safety review. Implementation of this review on each reactor includes specific checks and takes account of the particularities of each installation. The public inquiries concerning the provisions planned by EDF for the periodic safety reviews of Tricastin NPP reactors 1 and 2 took place in 2022. ASN carries out its oversight role by using the regulatory framework and individual resolutions, inspections, and if necessary, enforcement measures and penalties, in a way that is complementary and tailored to each situation, to ensure optimal control of the risks nuclear activities represent for people and the environment. ASN reports on its duties and produces an assessment of the actions of each licensee, in each activity sector. 18 ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022