ASN Report 2022

1. Developing relations with the various audiences 1.1 The general public ASN works to ensure that citizens have reliable information on the nuclear risk and that they develop the right radiation protection reflexes in all circumstances (particularly with respect to the risks of exposure of medical personnel and patients during medical activities involving ionising radiation). To this end, ASN develops relations with its stakeholders and uses diverse vectors: printed or digital publications, website, social networks, etc. The Cahiers de l’ASN publications aim to provide an informative overview of major subjects relating to nuclear safety. With numerous illustrations (diagrams, photos, computer graphics) and short and airy texts, it is designed to make for easy reading. The Cahiers de l’ASN are distributed to nearly 10,000 subscribers and are available at Four Cahiers de l’ASN have been published since 2018. The first, entitled The issues of the fourth periodic safety review of the 900 MWe nuclear power reactors. The second, entitled Nuclear power plants beyond 40 years: what are the conditions for the continued operation of EDF’s 900 MWe reactors? The third, entitled 10 years after Fukushima: what safety improvements for nuclear facilities in France? In 2022, a Cahier de l’ASN concerning the decommissioning issues was published to answer the questions of the public on this key stage in the life of a nuclear installation. ASN sends its two-monthly Lettre de l’Autorité de sûreté nucléaire (Nuclear Safety Authority Newsletter) to more than 5,000 subscribers. This publication provides a summary of the most noteworthy topical issues and information relative to ASN resolutions and actions. To receive the ASN newsletter free of charge, simply register on 1.1.1 The website With nearly 45,000 visits per month on average, the website is the focal point of the system for informing the various audiences. It posts the draft opinions and resolutions that represent the most important issues for consultation. The website is also a reference source of information for the more informed audiences: expert citizens, members of environmental associations and professionals. In all, more than 1.6 million pages of the website were viewed in 2022. The aim of putting a new version of the ASN website on line in 2021 was to facilitate access to the 20,000-odd pages it devotes to the oversight of nuclear safety and radiation protection, the regulations, and ASN’s actions in the areas of health, industry and nuclear research. Content and functionalities are available under the same condition whatever the medium used (computer, telephone, tablet), in accordance with the accessibility standards in effect and the requirements of the Act for a Digital Republic of 7 October 2016. The Act of 13 June 2006 on Transparency and Security in the Nuclear Field defined not only the public’s right to be informed but also the nuclear players’ duty of transparency. Therefore, to fulfil its duty to inform, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) deploys efforts proactively and responsively. In a proactive approach, the website gives access to the inspection follow-up letters, significant event notices, information notices, press releases and the ASN resolutions. Its news is communicated through the social networks and its Lettre de l’Autorité de sûreté nucléaire (ASN newsletter). ASN also develops educational aids: videos, computer graphics, travelling exhibition, etc. In addition, ASN translates information notices, press releases and content concerning important issues. These publications in English support ASN’s action on the international bodies. Lastly, ASN engages in specific actions with the professionals (guides, conferences, seminars) in order to promote the regulations and enhance their awareness of the safety and radiation protection issues. The ASN spokespersons respond to numerous queries from the media. Each year ASN is given a hearing before the Parliament on its activities and high-stake issues. ASN also contributes to the work of the Local Information Committees (CLIS). Lastly, ASN is contacted by its stakeholders (Non-gouvernmental Organisations – NGOs, professionals, local authorities, etc.) to obtain documents or to find out about its position on technical, environmental and regulatory subjects and on nuclear safety and radiation protection. LES CAHIERS DE L’ASN #04 DECOMMISSIONING CHALLENGES Ensuring the correct progress of this final phase in the life of a nuclear facility AUTORITÉ DE SÛRETÉ NUCLÉAIRE #04 • JUNE 2022 The decommissioning framework BNIs being decommissioned Informing the public Cahier de l’ASN published in June 2022 182 ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 • 05 • Informing the public