ASN Report 2022

THE CONFORMITY OF THE FACILITIES As in previous years, ASN considers that the conformity of the facilities with the rules applicable to them needs to be improved. EDF must continue the targeted inspection actions it has been gradually deploying over the last few years. More particularly, the specific inspections implemented during the fourth tenyearly outages are enabling a large number of deviations to be detected. The organisation adopted by EDF to process deviations has been improved in recent years and is now satisfactory. EDF notably reinforced the dedicated teams, both in its head office departments and in the NPPs, notably with respect to reactor outages. Overall, EDF is processing deviations within a time-frame that is acceptable. However, ASN considers that analysis of the potentially generic nature of a deviation affecting several plants after detection on one particular site should be carried out more rapidly. Following the discovery of stress corrosion cracking at the end of 2021, EDF implemented a wide-ranging programme of inspections and repairs. This will continue in the coming years (see “Notable events” in the introduction to this report). MAINTENANCE As a general rule, the organisation implemented in the NPPs for large-scale maintenance operations was again relatively satisfactory in 2022, notably in the light of the disruptions caused by discovery of the stress corrosion cracks. However, as in previous years, ASN again in 2022 found points to be improved regarding reactor maintenance, such as the quality of the operational documentation placed at the disposal of the personnel for performance of the activities, or the management of spare parts. With regard to the numerous maintenance activities resulting from the continued operation of the reactors and the “major overhaul” programme, ASN considers that it is important for EDF to maintain the efforts started in order to remedy these difficulties and improve the quality of its maintenance activities. A number of improvements were observed in 2022 in the field of subcontracted activities quality control, notably through the use of a new tool used to monitor the contractors. However, difficulties continue with regard to the quality of the monitoring carried out by EDF. OPERATION Although unauthorised operating range excursion situations fell in 2022, significant events linked to poor monitoring of the control room increased. ASN also notes an increase in systems configuration deviations and continues to observe shortcomings in communication or positioning with the operating teams. The training of the operating teams in charge of operating the reactors is satisfactory, even if particular attention must be paid to the attractiveness of the training professions and the time given to the trainers and staff being trained. No major fire occurred in an EDF NPP in 2022. However, to control the fire risk, EDF must further improve management of equipment temporary storage sites and warehouses, which represent significant calorific potential, along with management of sectorisation in order to contain any outbreak of fire. The ASN inspections focusing on the emergency organisation and resources confirmed that the organisation, preparedness and management principles for emergency situations covered by an On-site Emergency Plan (PUI) have been correctly assimilated. However, EDF must continue its efforts concerning training of the personnel in reorganising the emergency response following an external hazard of extreme intensity. The analyses conducted by the sites further to significant events are generally relevant and the identification of organisational causes continues to progress. Finally, ASN observes a shortage of personnel in the teams in charge of conducting independent evaluations of reactor safety in certain NPPs. EDF plans to remedy this situation. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ASN considers that the management of discharges into the environment of the various NPPs is on the whole well controlled. During the heatwave episodes of the summer of 2022, EDF implemented appropriate reinforced monitoring of the environment downstream of the NPPs concerned. In 2022, the ASN inspections with situational exercises demonstrated that the organisation of the response in the event of a non-radiological accident with potential consequences off the sites should be improved and that material measures designed to prevent or mitigate the effects of these accidents must be reinforced. ASN considers that corrective measures must be taken regarding waste management, notably in terms of signage, inventorykeeping and traceability. WORKER RADIATION PROTECTION AND OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY In 2022, ASN observed continued improvement in how worker radiation protection issues are addressed on several NPPs, after a clear deterioration seen in 2019 and 2020. EDF must continue with the steps taken to improve the way in which radiation protection is handled. There are continuing anomalies notably with the management of industrial radiography work. With regard to occupational health and safety, the number of accidents with time lost is down on 2021. However, progress is still needed to improve the management of situations presenting risks for the workers, notably with regard to the quality of risk assessment, electrical lock-outs and the handling of concomitant activities within the same location. ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 19 ASN Assessments