ASN Report 2022

ANDRA The Bataille Act of 1991 set a framework for the management and disposal of high-level (HLW) and intermediate-level long-lived (ILL-LL) waste in France. ASN underlines the importance of the work done for more than 30 years on drafting the Creation Authorisation Decree file for the Cigéo deep geological disposal facility, which was submitted on 16 January 2023. The finalisation of this file is a key step in the development of this project and for the creation of a management solution for HLW and ILL-LL waste. With regard to the other radioactive waste disposal BNIs, for which the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Andra) is the only licensee in France, ASN considers that their operation remains satisfactory. SUBMISSION OF THE CIGÉO CREATION AUTHORISATION APPLICATION FILE In 2022, dialogue continued between ASN, Andra and the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) on the technical subjects identified following examination of the Cigéo Safety Options Dossier (DOS). On the basis of this dialogue and the work done since the examination of the DOS by ASN in 2017, ASN considers that submission of the Cigéo DAC file to the Minister responsible for nuclear safety on 16 January 2023 is a key milestone for the management of HLW and ILL-LL waste. In preparation for this examination, ASN together with IRSN in 2022 defined the methods to be used for the technical examination of this dossier, which will take at least three years. PROGRESS OF THE STUDIES FOR THE LLW-LL WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITY PROJECT The discussions between ASN and Andra concerning the low-level, long-lived waste (LLW-LL) disposal facility project continued in 2022. ASN considers that this positive dynamic must be maintained in order to meet the deadlines defined in the fifth National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan (PNGMDR), and which notably aims for the submission of a file in mid-2023 presenting the technical safety options selected, with a level of maturity corresponding to a preliminary design document, for disposal on the site of the Vendeuvre-Soulaines municipal federation. OPERATION OF ANDRA’S EXISTING FACILITIES ASN considers that operating conditions in Andra’s facilities are satisfactory in the areas of nuclear safety, radiation protection and environmental protection. It also notes the quality of the safety analyses produced by Andra and the fact that the performance of the periodic safety reviews on the disposal facilities is satisfactory. ASN nonetheless points out that the evaluation of the long-term impacts of the radiological and chemical substances in the disposal facilities on the flora and fauna must be consolidated. Finally, ASN considers that the provisions adopted by Andra concerning the review of the conditioning agreement applications and the radioactive waste packages disposal approval and acceptance applications are satisfactory. ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 25 ASN Assessments