ASN Report 2022

time frames. As for the WRP projects, difficulties encountered in 2022 on the projects associated with silo 130, silo 115 and sludge treatment are significantly delaying the lowering of the dispersible inventory of the facilities concerned. Regarding silo 130, which is the most advanced project and is in the industrial operation phase, the licensee is faced with numerous problems of equipment reliability, which have a significant impact on the waste retrieval times. ASN considers that the licensee must take measures to restore an operating capacity as close as possible to what was planned for at the design stage and must take into account the lessons learned for the other projects. Lastly, ASN considers that Orano must take care to maintain the facilities undergoing decommissioning in good condition in order to control the infiltrations in certain buildings, guarantee the radiological characterisation of the residual materials in cells, and ensure that the required controls are properly performed. ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 81 Regional overview of nuclear safety and radiation protection • NORMANDIE •