ASN Report 2022

THE COMMISSION The Commission defines ASN’s general policy regarding nuclear safety and radiation protection. It consists of five Commissioners, including the ASN Chairman, appointed for a term of 6 years(*). APPOINTED BY the President of the Republic APPOINTED BY the President of the Senate APPOINTED BY the President of the National Assembly * The Environment Code, modified by Act 2017-55 of 20 January 2017, introducing the general status of the independent administrative Authorities and the independent public Authorities, provides for the renewal of half of the ASN Commission, other than its Chairman, every three years. Decree 2019-190 of 14 March 2019 (codifying the provisions applicable to BNIs, the transport of radioactive substances and transparency in the nuclear field) sets out the relevant interim provisions and modifies the duration of the mandates of three Commissioners. ** By Decree of the President of the Republic dated 21 April 2021, Laure Tourjansky was appointed Commissioner for the remainder of the mandate of Lydie Évrard, called to other duties. *** Administrative region headed by a Prefect. IMPARTIALITY The Commissioners perform their duties in complete impartiality and receive no instructions from either the Government or any other person or institution. INDEPENDENCE The Commissioners perform their duties on a full‑time basis. Their mandate is for a six-year term. It is not renewable. The duties of a Commissioner can only be terminated in the case of impediment or resignation duly confirmed by a majority of the Commissioners. The President of the Republic may terminate the duties of any member of the Commission in the event of a serious breach of his or her obligations. COMPETENCIES The Commission takes decisions and issues opinions, which are published in ASN’s Official Bulletin. The Commission defines ASN's oversight policy. The Chairman appoints the ASN inspectors. The Commission decides whether to open an inquiry following an incident or accident. Every year, it presents the ASN Report on the State of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in France to Parliament. Its Chairman reports on ASN activities to the competent committees of the National Assembly and of the Senate and to the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices. The Commission defines ASN's external relations policy at national and international level. THE DEPARTMENTS ASN comprises departments placed under the authority of its Chairman. The departments are headed by a Director General, appointed by the ASN Chairman. They carry out ASN’s day-to-day duties and prepare draft opinions and decisions for the ASN Commission. They comprise: ∙ head office departments organised according to topics, which oversee their field of activity at a national level, for both technical and transverse matters (international action, preparedness for emergency situations, information of the public, legal affairs, human resources and other support functions). They more specifically prepare draft doctrines and texts of a general scope, examine the more complex technical files and the “generic” files, in other words those which concern several similar facilities; ∙ 11 regional divisions, with competence for one or more administrative regions, so as to cover the entire country and the overseas territories. The regional divisions conduct most of the oversight in the field on the nuclear facilities, radioactive substances transport operations and small-scale nuclear activities. They represent ASN in the regions and contribute to public information within their geographical area. In emergency situations, the divisions assist the Prefect of the département(***) who is responsible for the protection of the population, and oversee the operations to safeguard the facility affected by the accident. Bernard DOROSZCZUK Chairman Sylvie CADET-MERCIER (*) Commissioner Géraldine PINA JOMIR Commissioner Laure TOURJANSKY (*)(**) Commissioner Jean-Luc LACHAUME (*) Commissioner from 13 november 2018 to 12 november 2024 from 21 december 2016 to 9 december 2023 from 15 december 2020 to 9 december 2026 from 21 april 2021 to 9 december 2023 from 21 december 2018 to 9 december 2026 THE FRENCH NUCLEAR SAFETY AUTHORITY OPERATIONS ASN REPORT ON THE STATE OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION IN FRANCE IN 2022