Abstracts ASN Report 2021

ASN carried out 47 inspections in 2021, comprising 2 at the Monts d’Arrée NPP undergoing decommissioning, 2 for monitoring approved organisations, 11 in the transport of radioactive substances and32 in small-scalenuclear activities (22 in themedical sector and 10 in the industrial, veterinary or research sectors). No significant event in 2021 was rated level 1 or higher on the INES scale or level 2 or higher on the ASN-SFRO scale. The Brennilis nuclear power plant The Brennilis NPP is situated in the Finistère département, on the Monts d’Arrée site, 55 km north of Quimper. Baptised “EL4-D”, this installation (BNI 162) is an industrial electricity production prototype (70 MWe) moderated with heavy water and cooled with carbon dioxide, and it was definitively shut down in 1985. Decree 2011-886 of 27 July 2011 authorised the NPP decommissioning operations, with the exception of the reactor block. In July 2018, EDF submitted an application f ile for the complete decommissioning of its facilities, and this file was subject to a public inquiry from 15 November 2021 to 3 January 2022. ASN notes the involvement of EDF in the conduct of the public inquiry on the Brennilis decommissioning file and, more generally, its efforts regarding transparency and communication. During 2021 EDF continued its decommissioning preparation work: • completion of the reactor block sampling operations, authorised by ASN resolution of 20 September 2019, • continuation of the preparations prior to decommissioning of the reactor block, such as the removal of unused equipment from the reactor containment; production of a detailed radiological mapping of the reactor containment premises and the asbestos removal operations; • continuation of the repair work on the site’s stormwater collection networks. ASN considers that the licensee is conducting its work in compliance with the safety, radiation protection and environmental protection requirements and is demonstrating transparency in the detection, handling and analysis of the malfunctions and events occurring on its site. Bretagne Region The Nantes division regulates radiation protection and the transport of radioactive substances in the 4 départements of the Bretagne region. The Caen division regulates the nuclear safety of the Monts d’Arrée NPP (Brennilis), currently undergoing decommissioning. THE INSTALLATIONS AND ACTIVITIES TO REGULATE COMPRISE: ཛྷ the Basic Nuclear Installation: • the Monts d’Arrée NPP (Brennilis), undergoing decommissioning; ཛྷ small-scale nuclear activities in the medical sector: • 10 external-beam radiotherapy departments, • 5 brachytherapy departments, • 9 nuclear medicine departments, • 39 centres performing fluoroscopy-guided inerventional practices, • 54 computed tomography scanners, • some 2,500 medical and dental radiology devices; ཛྷ small-scale nuclear activities in the veterinary, industrial and research sectors: • 1 cyclotron, • 12 industrial radiography companies, including 3 performing gamma radiography, • 28 research units, • about 400 users of industrial equipment; ཛྷ activities associated with the transport of radioactive substances; ཛྷ ASN-approved laboratories and organisations: • 13 organisations approved for measuring radon, • 3 head-off ices of laboratories approved for taking environmental radioactivity measurements. ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2021 51 REGIONAL OVERVIEW OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION BRETAGNE