Abstracts ASN Report 2021

Faced with growing technical complexity in a f ield where innovations are major and rapid, compliance with the principle of optimisation in radiation protection constitutes a major concern. ASN recalls the importance of forward planning for change and compliance with the learning curve when new equipment arrives or when new techniques are adopted. In therapeutic nuclear medicine, the growth of internal targeted radiotherapy requires anticipation of the arrival of newmolecules and the increase in the number of patients treated. Preparation for post-accident management based on innovative partnership-based approaches The work done in 2021 by the the Steering Committee for the management of the post-accident phase (Codirpa), under the mandate given to ASN by the Prime Minister on 18 June 2020, led to a number of tangible advances, built around listening to and involving the stakeholders concerned. The “Q&A for health professionals” regarding the consequences of an accident was prepared with the health professionals, both locally and nationally, as they were identified as trusted third parties in the event of an emergency. This method ensures that the questions dealt with are pertinent and the answers given are of high quality, thus fostering a good level of assimilation. Along the same lines, the drafting of guidelines regarding foodstuffs in a post-accident situation relied on the work done by a pluralistic expert group, followed by a debate with four panels of citizens living near the NPPs. This was an initial trial to test the understanding of the subjects and the pertinence of the areas of work, and to collect the opinions of the populations concerned. Finally, the work done on the necessary information and awareness-raising in order to reinforce the safety and radiation protection culture focused on target public. Given the extensive work already done, an inventory of good practices will form the basis of the Codirpa report. It will enable to identify how to mobilise the various actors to implement the most effective measures in each area. These partnership-based approaches will help to inform decisions and adopt a pragmatic approach to the essential development of the safety and radiation protection culture. The Codirpa recommendations to the Prime Minister will be based on all of this feedback collection and expert work. n ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2021 7 EDITORIAL BY THE COMMISSION