Abstracts ASN Report 2021

• the HAO silo, in which are stored the hulls and end-pieces (fragments of cladding and fuel end-pieces) in bulk, fines coming primarily from shearing, and resins and technological waste from the operation of the HAO facility between 1976 and 1997; • the Organised Storage of Hulls (SOC), comprising three pools in which the drums containing the hulls and endpieces are stored. In 2021, Orano continued the operations prior to retrieval of the waste from the HAO silo (notably the f itting out of the future waste retrieval unit) and the tests important to safety which began in 2019. On completion of the in-depth analysis of hard spots identified during the functional tests conducted in early 2021, Orano made organisational improvements and started significant material modifications. Implementing these modifications significantly pushes back the estimated date of waste retrieval. 80 ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2021 REGIONAL OVERVIEWOF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION