ASN Report 2022

04 Radiological emergency and post-accident situations 1 Planning ahead p. 170 1.1 Looking ahead and planning 1.1.1 The Basic Nuclear Installation emergency and contingency plans 1.1.2 Response plans for radioactive substance transport accidents 1.1.3 The response to other radiological emergency situations 1.1.4 Controlling urban development around nuclear sites 1.2 The emergency situation stakeholders 1.2.1 Local response organisation 1.2.2 National response organisation 1.3 Protecting the population 1.3.1 General protection measures 1.3.2 Care and treatment of exposed persons 1.4 Understanding the long-term consequences 2 ASN’s role in an emergency and post-accident situation p. 174 2.1 The four key duties of ASN 2.2 Organisation in the event of a major accident 3 L earning from experience p. 177 3.1 Carrying out exercises 3.1.1 National nuclear and radiological emergency exercises 3.2 Assessing with a view to improvement 4 Outlook p. 179 ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 169