ASN Report 2022

A higher-performance search engine and a map of the facilities (nuclear power, industrial and medical) provide for a faster and more precise browsing experience. The website endeavours to facilitate access to the desired information according to the audiences: ∙ workers in the sectors subject to ASN oversight and regulation (for the on-line services and forms in particular), technical experts, lawyers, people living near nuclear facilities, patients and medical practitioners, elected officials and journalists can access the news of the sites or the inspection documents that interest them: inspection follow-up letters, significant event notices, etc.; ∙ citizens interested in the safety issues and wishing to be involved in the decision-making process. Educational content (videos, computer graphics, topical files) is available and the “public consultation” module has been improved. The website has a secured form for reporting cases of fraud in the nuclear sector. This application guarantees the protection of whistle-blowers and confidential treatment of the information received. ASN has stepped up the fraud prevention and detection measures further to the irregularities discovered at the Creusot Forge plant in 2016. In 2022, 34 reports were filed on 1.1.2 The social networks The website content, which can be consulted on smartphones or tablets, is also shared on the main social media (primarily Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). The news feeds of the ASN social media accounts convey the main position statements. The major events in which ASN participates (parliamentary hearings, public meetings) are announced and can be followed in real time on the social networks. ASN news is followed and passed on by more than 16,700 subscribers on Twitter, 38,000 on LinkedIn and 4,800 on Facebook. 1.1.3 The ASN/IRSN exhibition As part of their duty to inform the public, ASN and the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) have created educational content intended for high school pupils, students, employees, hospital personnel, patients, etc. and the citizens more broadly. Comprising more than 80 display boards covering eleven themes, the exhibition is designed to provide information on radioactivity – whether natural or artificial –, its uses, its implications and its effects on humans and the environment. The exhibition was hosted in 15 places in 2022: high schools, CLIS, centres for scientific culture, the Day of Resilience, the Science Fair, and hospitals during the patient safety week. This exhibition is made available on request, free of charge. It can be integrated into numerous events and meet the needs of varied situations (see pages 184 and 185). 1.1.4 The ASN Information Centre Any citizen can address information requests to ASN, either on-line (, by letter or by telephone. In 2022, the on-line information centre responded to more than 600 requests on diverse subjects (technical questions, requests for transmission of administrative documents, information relative to the environment, publications, documentary searches, etc.). 1. Regional Directorates for the Economy, Employment, Labour and Solidarity. 1.2 The professionals ASN produces specific publications, organises and takes part in numerous symposia and seminars to make known the regulations, to raise professionals’ awareness of their responsibilities and the implications of nuclear safety and radiation protection, and lastly to encourage the reporting of significant events. 1.2.1 Making known the regulations and enhancing the radiation protection culture ASN considers that having clear regulations based on the best safety standards is an important factor for improving the safety of Basic Nuclear Installations (BNIs). Over the last few years it has thus undertaken a major overhaul of the technical and general regulations applicable to BNIs, while always being attentive to the clarity and completeness of the information delivered to the professionals concerning these regulations. The same goes for radiation protection of workers and patients in the medical and industry sectors: ASN makes guides, practical sheets and reference manuals available to everyone. A space for the professionals on The professionals have a dedicated space where they can find forms and regulatory texts, along with publications aiming to provide explanations or assistance in the application of the regulations. In 2022, ASN published a series of medical sector inspection results for 2021 (radiotherapy, brachytherapy and FluoroscopyGuided Interventional Practices – FGIPs). Practical tools for concrete application of the regulations Radiation protection regulations have undergone major changes in the Public Health Code and the Labour Code alike. The ASN Guides give recommendations, present the means ASN considers appropriate for achieving the objectives set by the regulations, and share methods and good practices resulting from lessons learned from significant events. ASN conducted a public consultation in 2022 on the revised versions of three guides to be issued in 2023: a Guide entitled “Quality management system applicable to the transport of radioactive substances”, dating from 2005; Guide No. 29, “Radiation protection in radioactive substance transport activities”, Guide No. 11, “Reporting significant radiation protection events”. After meeting the main high-activity sources holders in the regions in 2020 and 2021, ASN published a brochure in 2022 to raise the awareness of the other heads of nuclear activities to the protection of sources of ionising radiation against malicious acts. ASN met with radiographers during the Scientific Days of the French Association of Radiographers (AFPPE) in May in Nancy, radiology professionals at the French Radiology Days (JFR) in October in Paris and radiation protection experts-officers in November in Lyon. During these events, ASN presented the changes in the regulations, particularly the new registration system and the verifications in the form of a quiz and practical sheets. ASN is also the initiator of thematic professional seminars. On 29 March 2022, 160 radiographers and companies from the Grand Est region took part in a webinar organised by ASN’s Châlons‑en‑Champagne and Strasbourg regional divisions and the Dreets(1) on radiation protection risks in industrial radiography. ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 183 • 05 • Informing the public 05 01 07 08 13 AP 04 10 06 12 14 03 09 11 02