ASN Report 2022

Bretagne REGION The Nantes division regulates radiation protection and the transport of radioactive substances in the 4 départements of the Bretagne region. The Caen division regulates the nuclear safety of the Brennilis NPP, currently undergoing decommissioning. ASN carried out 29 inspections in 2022, comprising 3 at the Brennilis NPP undergoing decommissioning, 2 for the monitoring of accredited organisations and 24 in small-scale nuclear activities (13 in the medical sector, 11 in the industrial, veterinary and research sectors). One significant event was rated level 1 on the INES scale in 2022. The Brennilis nuclear power plant The Brennilis NPP is situated in the Finistère département, on the Monts d’Arrée site 55 km north of Quimper. Baptised “EL4-D”, this installation (BNI 162) is an industrial electricity production prototype (70 MWe) moderated with heavy water and cooled with carbon dioxide, and it was definitively shut down in 1985. Decree 2011-886 of 27 July 2011 authorised the NPP decommissioning operations, with the exception of the reactor block. In July 2018, EDF submitted an application file for the complete decommissioning of its facilities, and this file was subject to a public inquiry from 15 November 2021 to 3 January 2022. ASN notes the involvement of EDF in the public inquiry on the Brennilis decommissioning file and, more generally, its efforts regarding transparency and communication. In 2022, ASN continued its examination of the complete Decommissioning Decree for the Brennilis NPP and started revising the resolutions regulating intakes and discharges. During the year, EDF more specifically continued its preparatory work for complete decommissioning: • inside the reactor containment, continuation of the asbestos removal operations in the accessible places and start of the civil engineering developments to enlarge the existing access points or to demolish bunkers; • outside the reactor containment, completion of the site road and rail repair operations (removal of rails and railway sleepers, road repairs). EDF has also signed contracts to initiate execution studies for certain complete decommissioning operations (such as that of the peripheral circuits) and to draw up specifications for upgrading the support functions that are absolutely necessary for complete decommissioning (handling cranes, ventilation in the reactor containment, etc.). More generally, ASN notes that the schedule milestones for the first part of 2022 were met. The July and August fires in the Monts d’Arrée had no impact on the work site. Nevertheless, the decommissioning operations in the reactor containment were interrupted on 19 July because the smoke was directed towards the NPP, and resumed on 20 July. The fire of 6 August did not stop any operations. ASN considers that the organisation for preparing the complete decommissioning of the NPP and for ensuring radiation protection is satisfactory. EDF must nevertheless be attentive to the rigour in writing the observations or comments in the periodic inspection procedures and finalise the updating of the document baseline for radiation protection and skills management. As of 2023, ASN will be particularly attentive to EDF’s final treatment of the water infiltrations in the facilities. THE INSTALLATIONS AND ACTIVITIES TO REGULATE COMPRISE: the Basic Nuclear Installation: •the Monts d’Arrée (Brennilis) NPP undergoing decommissioning; small-scale nuclear activities in the medical field: • 10 external-beam radiotherapy departments, • 5 brachytherapy departments, • 9 nuclear medicine departments, • 38 centres performing fluoroscopy-guided interventional procedures, • 63 computed tomography scanners for diagnostic purposes, • some 2,500 medical and dental radiology devices; small-scale nuclear activities in the industrial, veterinary and research sectors: • 1 cyclotron, • 23 industrial radiography companies, including 4 performing gamma radiography, • 25 research units, • about 400 users of industrial equipment; activities associated with the transport of radioactive substances; ཛྷASN-approved laboratories and organisations: • 10 organisations approved for measuring radon, • 3 head-offices of laboratories approved for taking environmental radioactivity measurements. 48 ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022