ASN Report 2022

Centre‑Val de Loire REGION The Orléans division regulates nuclear safety, radiation protection and the transport of radioactive substances in the 6 départements of the Centre-Val de Loire region. In 2022, ASN conducted 152 inspections in the Centre-Val de Loire region, of which 118 were in the nuclear installations of the EDF sites of Belleville‑sur‑Loire, Chinon, Dampierre‑en‑Burly and Saint‑Laurentdes‑Eaux, 26 in small-scale nuclear activities, 6 in the transport of radioactive substance and 2 concerning approved organisations or laboratories. ASN also carried out 51 days of labour inspections in the four NPPs. In the context of their oversight duties, the ASN inspectors issued two violation reports. In 2022, 21 significant events rated level 1 on the INES scale were reported to ASN. Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear power plant The Belleville‑sur‑Loire NPP is situated in the northeast of the Cher département, on the left bank of the river Loire, at the crossroads of four départements (Cher, Loiret, Nièvre and Yonne) and two administrative regions (Bourgogne‑Franche‑Comté and Centre‑Val de Loire). The NPP comprises two 1,300 MWe reactors commissioned in 1987 and 1988, which constitute BNIs 127 and 128 respectively. ASN considers that the performance of the Belleville-surLoire NPP is in line with the general assessment of EDF in the areas of nuclear safety, the environment and radiation protection. From the nuclear safety aspect, in the area of management of the installations, ASN considers that the operating rigour in the control room, although slightly down compared with 2021, remains satisfactory. One significant event rated level 1 on the INES scale was however reported following noncompliance with the RGEs during fuel handling operations, and improvements are expected in the configuration management of circuits and components (alignments, lockouts/tagouts, administrative lockouts). An inspection will be carried out on this theme in 2023. Management of the fire risk is considered stable; corrective actions were taken in 2022 to address the anomalies detected by EDF in fire sectorisation management, and these are being continued. With regard to maintenance of the facilities, the performance of the Belleville-sur-Loire NPP has improved. The year 2022 saw two reactor outages (one periodic inspection and one refuelling outage), for which the overall management is considered satisfactory. THE INSTALLATIONS AND ACTIVITIES TO REGULATE COMPRISE: Basic Nuclear Installations: • the Belleville‑sur‑Loire NPP (2 reactors of 1,300 MWe), • the Dampierre‑en‑Burly NPP (4 reactors of 900 MWe), •the Saint‑Laurent‑des‑Eaux site: the NPP in operation (2 reactors of 900 MWe), and the 2 Gas-Cooled Reactors (GCRs) undergoing decommissioning and the irradiated graphite sleeve storage silos, • the Chinon site: the NPP in operation (4 reactors of 900 MWe), the 3 GCRs undergoing decommissioning, the Irradiated Material Facility (AMI) and the InterRegional Fuel Warehouse (MIR); small-scale nuclear activities in the medical field: • 8 external-beam radiotherapy departments, • 3 brachytherapy departments, • 11 nuclear medicine departments, • 32 departments performing fluoroscopy-guided interventional procedures; • 38 computed tomography scanners, • some 2,700 medical and dental radiology devices; small-scale nuclear activities in the industrial, veterinary and research sectors: • 10 industrial radiography companies, • about 330 industrial, veterinary and research radiography devices; activities associated with the transport of radioactive substances; ASN-approved laboratories and organisations: • 2 organisations approved for radiation protection controls, • 4 laboratories approved for taking environmental radioactivity measurements. ABSTRACTS – ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2022 49