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Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints

8 March 2023, International women's rights day: ASN gives the testimonials of 5 women who work in its teams. Inspection activities (nuclear safety and medical radiation protection), support functions (information technology) and managerial functions (on the ASN Commission and in a regional division): Five strong personalities who express with sincerity their career choices, their values and the motivations behind their commitment to ASN - for science, for technology or general interest.

Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints: Laure Monin, nuclear pressure equipment manufacturing inspector

Laure Monin, from the Pressure Nuclear Equipment Department, inspects the manufacture of the equipment items that constitute the nuclear steam supply system. "What gives me pleasure is hearing people say that yes, finally, I am indeed in the right place, and deservedly so". In Dijon too, ASN encourages the development of a woman in its teams of engineers and enables her to reconcile her private and professional life.

Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints: Nour Khater, head of the ASN's Lyon division

"You have to dare!": like her colleagues, be they commissioner, biomedical engineer or inspector in the Pressure Equipment Department, Nour Khater insists on the importance of the role of women in the nuclear sector. For the head of the ASN's Lyon division, with a staff of 40, it is also "very stimulating to say to yourself that you are going to help to enlighten the public debate". For Nour, the numerous management issues at ASN represent a daily challenge which she takes up with vigour.

Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints: Catherine Costarramone, IT project manager

Catherine Costarramone, IT project manager, joined the teams of the Communication and Digital Applications Department in January 2022, after succeeding in the competitive Industry and Mining Engineer selection process. "Everything is organized so that you can give the best of yourself (...):what I do at ASN is useful and is used". Over and beyond the status of women in an organization like ASN, Catherine points out that among the staff, "what is most important is that everybody listens to everyone else"

Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints: Anne Trompette, biomedical engineer

"I wanted to work in a profession that had meaning, a profession that is directed towards others": Anne Trompette is a biomedical engineer at ASN who works on technological innovations in medical applications that use ionising radiation. Beyond the ASN's values of rigour, transparency and competence, which she puts into practice each day, Anne also summarises what drew her into the ranks of the Ionising Radiation and Heath Department (DIS) : "No routine and considerable responsibilities"

Published on 16/03/2023

Women's viewpoints: Géraldine Pina, Commissioner

"I like the strength the group brings, I like working for the group, and working collectively is not working for yourself, it is working for a bigger cause". Géraldine Pina, ASN Commissioner, points out the role women play in the work of ASN, right up to the top of the decision chain, within the ASN Commission.