CNSC-ASN Bilateral Meeting at CNSC Headquarters in Ottawa

Published on 08/12/2023 at 16:43

Information notice

On 5 December 2023, an ASN delegation, led by commissioner Sylvie Cadet-Mercier, met a delegation from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) led by Ramzi Jammal, acting chief executive officer (CEO), in Ottawa at CNSC headquarters.

During the bilateral meeting, the ASN commissioner presented the issues associated with the new energy policy (projects for large nuclear reactors and small modular reactors (SMR), continued operation of the existing NPP fleet), along with key events in 2023: EPR Flamanville 3, stress corrosion cracking, construction of first EPR2 reactors, the 5th national plan radioactive materials and waste management (PNGMDR) and the examination of Cigeo French nuclear waste repository project.

Sylvie Cadet-Mercier & Christophe Quintin (ASN), Ramzi Jammal & Karen Owen-Whitred (CCSN)

The discussions also focused on specific  topics: the examination and expertise process implemented at the CNSC, the safety culture activities in both countries, the elaboration  of CNSC inspection programme, future CNSC participation with ASN in inspection, particularly on the topics of counterfeit and safety management, as well as initiatives and examination methods specific to SMRs in France and Canada.

The meeting was followed by:

  • a visit at GE Hitachi in Markham, on the BWRX-300 project, with an immersion in the virtual model of the digital twin.
  •  a visit to the mock-up for the training of “refurbishment” workers at the Darlington nuclear generating station in the province of Ontario and the visit of the Darlington nuclear power plant. The visit also provided an opportunity for a very interesting exchange on the work of resident inspectors.

The ASN and the CNSC have reaffirmed their commitment to continuing their cooperation and exchange of information. The next meeting between the 2 authorities will take place in France in 2024.

Date of last update : 08/12/2023