Flamanville 3 : The French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) enacts prescriptions for the EPR reactor being built at Flamanville in the Manche Department, France

Published on 10/10/2008 at 00:00

Information notice

In application of the Act on transparency and security in the nuclear field (TSN) of 13 June 2006, ASN defined by a decision of 26 September 2008 the prescriptions for the Flamanville 3 EPR reactor currently being built on the Flamanville site.
 This first series of 58 prescriptions :
 1)    defines technical requirements related to the detailed design of the facility. These prescriptions were established from technical instructions issued by the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) and the recommendations of the permanent group of nuclear reactor experts, allowing ASN to give its opinion on the draft decree authorizing the creation of ²Flamanville 3².
 2)    regulates notably the facility's building conditions in terms of information to be communicated to ASN  and provisions to take to control the impact of the worksite on the two reactors operating on the site. These prescriptions were established based on ASN control feedback on the worksite.
 ASN will ensure these prescriptions evolve throughout the facility's life cycle. The role of ASN is to enact additional prescriptions to regulate the reactor's commissioning and operating conditions, notably the modalities and water sampling and release limits.
 In conformity with the TSN Act's provisions, ASN will verify that these prescriptions are respected by France's Electric Power Company (EDF).
 If a prescription should not be observed, ASN will give formal notice to EDF and then if this notice is not complied with, would apply administrative sanctions (financial consignment, imposed remedial work, suspended facility operation).
 Non observation of an ASN formal notice to conform to a prescription may be in addition punished by 2 years imprisonment and a € 75 000 fine.




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