Falsification of materials analysis reports: ASN is collaborating with the ongoing judicial inquiry

Published on 20/04/2016 at 15:00

Information notice

On 21st January 2016, a metallurgical analysis laboratory informed ASN that it had found out that the inspection reports it had produced for a French mechanical company1 situated in the Loiredépartement(42), had been falsified.

This company produces parts that are incorporated into industrial equipment built by other manufacturers: some of these manufacturers are suppliers for the nuclear industry. Equipment intended for the Jules Horowitz research reactor, currently under construction on the Cadarache site (Bouches du Rhône département), could be concerned.

The laboratory found that some of the materials analysis reports had been altered: the conclusions of the reports delivered to the end-customer were different from its own conclusions. In some cases, these conclusions for example concealed the failure of the tested material to comply with the required specifications.

ASN has asked the licensees, the manufacturers of equipment intended for nuclear facilities and the nuclear pressure equipment conformity assessment organisations to carry out all necessary checks on their own equipment and, if necessary, to analyse any consequences with respect to the continued operation of these items.

Together with the judicial authorities, investigations are under way to determine the scope and content of these falsifications. ASN wishes to point out that it is not currently aware of any equipment in service that is affected by this falsification.

1. At the request of the judicial authorities, the names of the companies concerned have been withheld.

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