ASN serves EDF with formal notice to comply with the traceability obligations for qualification of the Flamanville EPR equipment

Published on 28/02/2019 at 11:12

Information notice

EPR Flamanville © EDF Médiathèque - Alexis Morin - Antoine Soubigou

In a resolution of 25 February 2019, ASN served EDF with formal notice to produce and save proof of qualification of the Flamanville EPR reactor equipment.

In accordance with the facility's creation authorisation decree, EDF must qualify equipment important for nuclear safety[1] on the Flamanville EPR reactor. The purpose of qualification is to demonstrate that the equipment installed in the facility is able to function in all the conditions in which it is used (temperature, humidity, radioactivity, etc.), more specifically in the event of an accident. This qualification is primarily based on studies and tests. It must be documented and traceable as required by the order of 7 February 2012 setting the general rules for basic nuclear installations (known as the "BNI order") and must be demonstrated prior to commissioning of the facility.

Following an inspection on 24 October 2017, ASN informed EDF that the qualification of the equipment depended in particular on the processing and lifting of the qualification reservations[2] identified by EDF and its suppliers. The ASN inspectors had more particularly observed that the traceability of the processing and lifting of these reservations was insufficient. During the course of a new inspection carried out by ASN on 5 December 2018, ASN observed the same shortcomings.

Since then, EDF has undertaken to comply with the provisions of the "BNI" order and the actions it proposes taking are considered by ASN to be satisfactory. ASN nonetheless decided to serve formal notice in order to ensure close oversight of these actions, so that equipment qualification is demonstrated within sufficiently good time prior to commissioning of the Flamanville EPR reactor.

ASN will periodically check the progress of the action plan implemented by EDF.

[1] This concerns mechanical (pumps, valves, etc.) or electrical (relays, circuit-breakers, etc.) equipment.

[2] Technical points to be resolved before being able to declare qualification of the equipment.

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