Ms Géraldine Pina Jomir appointed ASN commissioner

Published on 18/12/2020 at 14:19

Information notice

Ms Géraldine Pina has been appointed a member of the ASN Commission for a term of 6 years by a decree of the French President dated 15 December 2020. She succeeds Mr Philippe Chaumet-Riffaud, whose mandate expired on 10 December 2020.

Géraldine Pina Jomir is an assistant professor, a nuclear medicine physician at the Lyon-Est faculty of medicine and an electrical engineer.

In civilian life, Géraldine Pina Jomir is an engaged citizen, but she is also an army reserve physician specialising in NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological,

Géraldine Pina Jomir

Chemical) hazard management.

In 2009, she obtained her nuclear medicine Diploma in Paris and, two years later, passed the examination to become an assistant professor – hospital practitioner in biophysics and nuclear medicine. She was then appointed to Lyon 1 University.

Since 2012, she has been the zone adviser (South-East civil defence zone) for nuclear and radiological hazards. She thus plays an active role in radiation protection teaching at the Civil Hospitals of Lyon, the Centre for Education and Emergency Care and then, later on, taught the Radiobiology and Radiation Protection University Diploma, and the “Disaster medicine capacity” training course, designed to prepare doctors to deal with accidents or natural disasters.

At the same time, she was assigned as a reservist to the Desgenettes armed forces teaching hospital and is a member of the chemical decontamination chain management team and the radiation contamination victims treatment centre.

From October 2015 to September 2018, she was appointed expert physician to the Secretariat for the compensation of nuclear test victims, in charge of examining the medical aspects of the dossiers.

In 2017, she became co-director of the Training and Recruitment Section of the Lyon Military Reserve, in which her role was Director of the Military Medical Training Department. She was involved in NRBC training at the Operational Health Training Centre of the Val-de-Grâce military hospital school.

Géraldine Pina Jomir received the Medal of Honour of the Armed Forces Health Service – Bronze echelon BO in December 2016.

Géraldine Pina Jomir was appointed a Knight of the National Order of Merit on 17 October 2020.

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This appointment brings the ASN Commission to its full complement. The Commission consists of five Commissioners, including the ASN Chairman. The commissioners are appointed for a six-year term, three by the President of the Republic and one by the President of each Parliamentary assembly.

By law, the members of the Commission act with complete impartiality, receiving no instructions from either the Government or any other person or institution. They exercise their functions on a full-time basis and their mandate is neither renewable nor revocable.

The Commission develops the ASN strategy and doctrine for the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection. It issues resolutions embodying the most important decisions. It takes public positions on the major issues that lie within the competence of ASN. It reports to the French Parliament.


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