Technical visits by an ASN delegation in China

Published on 20/11/2023 at 17:28

Information notice

On 16 and 17 November 2023, during its visit to China, the ASN delegation met the licensees of the Changjiang NPP (CNNC) on Hainan Island and the Taishan NPP (TNPJVC).

The Changjiang NPP comprises two reactors in service (CNP650), two 1000 MWe  Hualong reactors under construction (ACP1000) and a pressurised water small modular reactor (SMR) of 125 MWe (ACP100).

ASN delegation with the Changjiang power plant team

The ACP100 is a demonstration reactor based on the mature ACP1000 technology, plus a few innovations, notably with the steam generators and primary pumps incorporated into the reactor vessel. Its licensee has indicated that this reactor, which should be started up before 2026, is designed eventually to be multi-purpose (production of steam or electricity) and modular.

This visit was an opportunity to compare the French and Chinese approaches to SMR development.

The Taishan NPP operates the first two EPR reactors commissioned in China. Their design is similar to that of Flamanville 3. The visit gave rise to discussions concerning feedback from reactor operations, more particularly regarding the fuel, the operation of the primary system valves and the in-core instrumentation (collectrons).

ASN in Taishan November 17, 2023

These discussions enabled the lessons learned to be assimilated into the examinations conducted for the commissioning of the Flamanville EPR.

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