Les cahiers de l'ASN #04 - Decommissioning challenges

Published on 19/10/2022

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Les cahiers de l'ASN #04 - Decommissioning challenges

The lifetime of a basic nuclear installation (BNI) comprises four main phases: design, construction, operation and decommissioning.

ASN intervenes at each of these phases. It issues an opinion on the draft creation authorisation or decommissioning decrees for the installations, and regulates operation by means of binding requirements.

Decommissioning concerns removal of radioactive substances and waste, equipment disassembly operations, and clean-out of structures and soils. Responsibility for this lies with the site licensees.

In France, decommissioning of a BNI is governed by regulations based on the principle of dismantling as rapidly as possible and in economically acceptable conditions.

The decommissioning process concerns a large number of installations in France. It comprises technical challenges regarding the safety, environmental or radiation protection aspects. It can take one or more decades.

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