Regulatory Updates Newsletter - July-August 2022

Published on 29/08/2022

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Regulatory Updates Newsletter #45 - July-August 2022

ASN's highlights,July-August 2022:

- Stress corrosion phenomenon affecting nuclear power reactors: ASN considers that EDF’s inspection strategy is appropriate

- 4th periodic safety review of the 900 MWe reactors: EDF issues the first report on the implementation of the generic resolution of ASN

- Development of small modular reactors: in collaboration with the safety regulators of Finland and the Czech Republic, ASN is initiating an unprecedented joint preliminary examination of the NUWARD™ reactor project

- WENRA position on the safety situation of Zaporizhzhya NPP after reported shelling activities


Regulatory Updates N°45.pdf (PDF - 509.96 Ko )

Date of last update : 29/08/2022