Anomaly affecting the Flamanville EPR reactor vessel

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Published on 25/01/2018 at 17:08

Creusot Forge plant: production to resume

ASN informed Framatome and EDF that it considers that the steps taken at the Creusot Forge plant allow the production of components intended for French nuclear facilities to resume under certain conditions, more particularly, the surveillance of the activities.

Published on 11/10/2017 at 16:05

Flamanville EPR reactor: ASN issues its opinion

On 10th October 2017, ASN issued its opinion on the anomaly in the steel used for the Flamanville EPR reactor pressure vessel lower head and closure head. ASN considers that this anomaly is not such as to compromise the commissioning of the reactor pressure vessel, provided that specific checks are carried out during operation of the installation. As the feasibility of these checks cannot at present be confirmed for the closure head, ASN considers that the current closure head cannot be used beyond 2024.

Published on 28/06/2017 at 16:00

ASN presents its position regarding the Flamanville EPR reactor vessel anomaly

On 28th June 2017, ASN presented its position regarding the Flamanville EPR reactor pressure vessel anomaly. ASN relied on the analysis of the files transmitted by Areva NP and EDF, carried out by its nuclear pressure equipment department and its technical support organisation IRSN, and on the opinion of its Advisory Committee for nuclear pressure equipment.

Published on 14/04/2017 at 09:30

Resumption of manufacturing in AREVA NP’s Creusot Forge plant

Areva NP informed ASN of its intention to resume forging operations in its Creusot Forge plant, on nuclear pressure equipment components for French BNIs. In letters dated 12th April 2017 sent to Areva NP and EDF, ASN defined preconditions for resumption of the forging operations.

Published on 15/03/2017 at 10:00

Anomaly in the carbon concentration of the steel

ASN has authorised restarting of the twelve reactors concerned by the anomaly in the carbon concentration of the steel of the channel heads of the steam generators manufactured by JCFC.

Published on 27/02/2017 at 12:00

Multinational inspection of AREVA NP in its Creusot Forge plant in Le Creusot (France)

With regard to the irregularities detected at Creusot Forge in early 2016, which affect forgings installed in the nuclear reactors of various countries, a multinational inspection of AREVA NP took place from 28th November to 2nd December 2016, in its Creusot Forge plant in Le Creusot (71), in accordance with the inspection protocol of the Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP). This inspection, led by ASN, involved inspectors from the American, British, Canadian, Chinese and Finnish safety regulators, who used the Quality Assurance / Quality Management Criteria for Multinational Vendor Inspection baseline requirements detailed in MDEP technical report TR-VICWG-03 of 30th January 2014.

Published on 13/01/2017 at 15:04

After inspection, ASN authorised the restart of nine reactors

ASN approved the restart of nine of the twelve reactors concerned by the carbon concentration anomaly in the steam generator channel heads manufactured by JCFC, following its examination of the results of the inspections carried out and the technical demonstrations provided by EDF for the 900 MWe reactors.

Published on 23/09/2016 at 14:00

Areva NP’s Creusot Forge Plant: ASN publishes the list of irregularities detected so far

ASN publishes the list of irregularities of which it has been notified to date, affecting certain items manufactured by Areva NP’s Creusot Forge plant for French civil nuclear activities. These irregularities concern EDF reactor pressure equipment (vessels, steam generators and main primary system piping) and transport packagings for radioactive substances.

Published on 28/06/2016 at 12:00

EDF reactor steam generators in service could contain an anomaly

The analyses carried out by EDF since 2015 conclude that certain steam generator channel heads could contain a zone comprising a high carbon concentration which could lead to lower than expected mechanical properties. These steam generators equip 18 reactors of the 900 and 1450 MWe plant series.

Published on 20/06/2016 at 18:00

Irregularities detected in Areva’s Creusot Forge plant

Since 18th May, when EDF transmitted its analyses of the irregularities brought to light in the Creusot Forge plant, ASN has been conducting its own technical review on the basis of the data transmitted and the additional evidence it requested. As a priority, ASN is dealing with the cases liable to have the most significant implications for reactor safety. In any case, prior to each reactor restart, it ensures that the irregularities detected do not compromise safety.