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Published on 08/08/2023

ASN Guide No. 44

This document is intended for professionals involved in radioactive substance transport operations. It details ASN's expectations regarding the content of a quality management system (formerly called "management system") required by the regulations, its maintenance and its implementation.
Updated version of 06/07/2023.

Published on 28/03/2018

ASN Guide No. 29

Radiation protection in radioactive substance transport activities (updated version of 06/07/2023).

Published on 24/07/2017

ASN Guide No. 28

Qualification of scientific computing tools used in the nuclear safety case - 1st barrier

Published on 26/06/2017

ASN Guide No. 34

Implementation of the regulatory requirements applicable to on-site transport operations

Published on 23/04/2017

ASN Guide No. 31

Procedures for notification of events concerning the transport of radioactive materials on the terrestrial public highway, by sea or by air

Published on 29/11/2016

ASN Guide No. 27

Secure stowage of packages is an important aspect of the defense in depth approach which serves to ensure the safety of transport operations.

Published on 29/08/2016

ASN Guide No. 6

Final shutdown, decommissioning and delicensing of basic nuclear installations in France

Published on 29/08/2016

ASN Guide No. 14

Complete post-operational clean out methodologies acceptable in basic nuclear installations in France

Published on 29/08/2016

ASN Guide No. 24

Management of soils contaminated by the activities of a basic nuclear installations in France

Published on 23/03/2016

ASN Guide No. 15

Control of Activities in the Vicinity of Basic Nuclear Installations

Published on 21/12/2014

ASN Guide No. 17

Contents of management plans for incidents and accidents involving the transport of radioactive substances

Published on 07/01/2013

ASN Guide No. 13

Protection of Basic Nuclear Installations against external flooding

Published on 30/09/2010

ASN Guide No. 16

Significant radiation protection events affecting patients in radiotherapy (criterion 2.1): notification and ASN-SFRO scale rating

Published on 03/07/2009

ASN Guide No. 7

ASN Guide No. 7: Applicant's guide related to applications for shipment approval and certificate of package design or radioactive materials for civil usage transported by public roads, by water or by railroad

Published on 09/04/2009

ASN Guide No. 5

Management guidelines for safety and quality in radiotherapy