Mr Olivier Dubois appointed ASN Commissioner

Published on 02/02/2024 at 11:02

Press release

Mr. Olivier Dubois has been appointed to the ASN Commission for 6 years by a decree of the French President dated 29 January 2024. In this capacity, he replaces Ms. Laure Tourjansky. Pursuant to Article L. 592-2 of the Environment Code, he was nominated by the President of the Senate.

Olivier DUBOIS

Mr Olivier Dubois was born in Pontoise (Val d’Oise) on 6 October 1972 and graduated from the Paris Ecole nationale supérieure des mines in 1995, specialising in atomic engineering.

Mr Olivier Dubois had hitherto been deputy director of safety assessment at the IRSN (French Institute for radiation protection and nuclear safety) and thus has considerable experience in the nuclear field.

He was a research engineer at the CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva) in the field of particle accelerator operations and then occupied various positions at EDF before joining the IRSN in 2009.

He was initially deputy head of the thermohydraulics, core, operations and fuel department, in charge of oversight of studies and assessments conducted within the department. In 2012, he was then appointed head of the incidents and accidents management department.

He was appointed assistant to the assessments director in 2018 and, since 2020, has been deputy director for safety assessments in charge of management of safety assessment activities for the NPP fleet in operation, operating lifetimes, EPRs (Flamanville 3 and future EPR2), experimental reactors and the ITER facility.

Mr. Olivier Dubois was also one of the heads of the technical emergency centre and one of the safety spokespersons within the IRSN’s emergency organisation. He was in charge of strategic oversight for the drafting of the Institute’s safety positions and doctrines, notably those concerning Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

He is an Associate Professor at the French National Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN). He was a member of ASN’s Advisory Committee for reactor safety (GPR).

Finally, Mr. Olivier Dubois has gained extensive knowledge of international bodies active in the field of nuclear safety. He was notably chairman of the Technical Board on Reactor Safety (TBRS) of ETSON (European Technical Safety Organisations Network).

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This appointment brings the ASN Commission to its full complement. The ASN Commission consists of five Commissioners, including the ASN Chairman. They are appointed for a period of six years, with the President of the Republic appointing three of them. The other two are appointed by the President of each Parliamentary assembly respectively.

By law, the members of the Commission act with complete impartiality, receiving no instructions from either the Government or any other person or institution. They exercise their functions on a full-time basis and their mandate is neither renewable nor revocable.

The Commission develops ASN strategy and doctrine for the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection. It issues resolutions embodying the most important decisions. It takes public positions on the major issues that lie within the competence of ASN. It reports to the French Parliament.

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